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When I first started Emma Rose Company LLC, I didn't quite realize how things would play out for me on a personal and professional level.  I didn't quite realize how significant the connections I make with fellow creatives would be.  Sure, I had high hopes of connecting with my clients, but over a year ago I didn't even realize to what extent that would be.  As my business has evolved and I've developed my style and business, I cannot begin to tell you just how real and amazing the relationships I've built with my clients (both photography and graphic design) have been up to this point, and it just keeps getting better.

Working with Ashley is one of those people.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and immediately you just know that you were meant to be friends?  I got that from my first phone call with Ashley cruising the aisles of Costco (poor timing on my part as I'd hoped to be home from running my errands before our scheduled call but such is life).  Well, I may have missed some items on my list but I didn't care because I got lost in a conversation with her about her business, goals, and dreams she has with Ashley Burns Photography.  I knew instantly that this was a client I wanted to work with, and she felt the same about me as her designer.  Going forward in the new year I will be blogging all my branding projects because it's such a huge part of what I do here at Emma Rose Company aside from my busy photography schedule!  I want my readers to have a real glimpse into my business and all the aspects of it!  

I'm so excited to be launching Ashley's website today!  Time to celebrate!


Ashley isn't only an amazing person, but she's an incredible photographer!  Just wait until you see her work.  It brings me so much joy and fulfillment to work with people like Ashley who not only know how to compose a beautiful photograph, but that they get the business.  They know how to treat their clients (yeah, read her client testimonials page, they are phenomenal reviews) and understand the ins and outs of it all.  However, there was one aspect of Ashley's photography business that wasn't quite where she wanted it to be, and that was with her branding.  Her logo was already established but her website was lacking the WOW factor she so desperately wanted to achieve.  That's where I stepped in.  After I got to know Ashley and her business it was my job to bring it all together in one beautiful, easy to use, and well functioning site.  I'd love to walk you through the design process and how Ashley's site ultimately came together!

It starts with the mood board!

Well, actually, it starts well before the mood board through questionnaire and consults to get to know my clients on a deeper level before I dive in, but here is Ashley's beautiful mood board that ultimately set the tone for her project.

Ashley Burns Photography Mood Board | Branding Inspirational Mood Board

Beautiful, right?  Ashley wanted a very neutral color palette and I'm good with that because it's very much in line with my own style.  I was swoon over this mood board and couldn't wait to dive into building the website.  Once the mood board was put together I was able to develop the brand style guide that pulls ALL the elements together for me to build the website.  

Ashley Burns Photography Brand Style Guide

I'm so proud and excited about Ashley's launch today because she deserves to celebrate!  This girl has worked extremely hard to get where she is today on her photography journey.  She's chasing her dreams and it's beyond exciting for me to watch people like her take off, run, and fly.  Ashley is now a forever friend who I actually get to meet up with later this month to give hugs, drink coffee, and take some pictures together!  My business goes so much deeper than creating beautiful logos and websites for my clients.  I hope to walk away from every project with not only a new client, but friend.  Ashley, thank you for being so amazing to work with.  I am truly honored to have been your designer and help bring all your dreams and visions for your brand to life through my design process.  Cheers to the future and the places you will go from here!

Alright, now let's show Ashley some love on her brand new website by clicking the image below!  She even posted a blog this morning celebrating her launch day, you can read that right here.  Congratulations, Ashley!

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