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I was reminded tonight in my private Facebook group that awhile back I said I would write a blog post on how I sync my calendar in Squarespace so that any potential client can see if I am already booked!  This has come in very handy over the past year!  Some definitely prefer to keep their calendar off the web and I respect that.  I don't have anything personal on mine, only sessions and weddings.  I'm even toying with creating a separate calendar for my graphic design clients to see when I have open slots for branding projects...hmmm... 

How I Sync My Calendar In Squarespace | Photography Business Tips | Emma Rose Company LLC

So today I want to quickly show you how I sync my calendar in Squarespace!

I love this simple but effective business tip because I think it's not only saved me time, but my clients really appreciate the convenience of it, too.  I state on my page that no spot is guaranteed until time of booking so don't forget to throw that in there as well!

STEP 1, 2 and 3:

Step One: Click on PAGES.

Step Two: Find the UNLINKED section on your site and hit the addition symbol.

Step Three: Click Events (this is the calendar.  I renamed mine to "photography calendar".

How I Sync My Calendar In Squarespace | Photographer Business Tips | Emma Rose Company LLC

Once you add the calendar and click into it, you will see the home for the calendar where you can use the + symbol to add your events.  I keep it super simple in mine to just say what type of session it is and what time.  I never include client information in this part.  Here is a glimpse of mine.  I'm a bit behind and haven't added some stuff I have going on but I'm also taking most of December and January off from pictures to focus on my own projects going on right now for my business!

So fill 'er up!  Then it's time to sync your calendar wherever you want it placed in your site.  I'll show you how.

Once you are in the spot you want it and the page is opened up to edit, you will use the content block feature (same feature you use to add images, text, and everything else!)  Scroll down to the section that is "MORE" and you will see the "Calendar" option, click that.

Last steps then you are done syncing your calendar in your Squarespace website!  So easy!

Lastly, you will hover over the calendar block you just added and hit "EDIT".  Then you will want to pick the calendar you created back in step 3.  Remember I told you that I titled mine "Photography Calendar"?  It will show up under EVENTS and then just just click it and hit apply!  It will sync right there with the corresponding calendar.  This really does come in handy if you have a business that requires different calendars for various events and availability.  I love this feature and get asked all the time how I set it up so I hope this helps!

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful and if you would like to continue to see more "how to" tutorials in Squarespace!  As a graphic designer for creative business owners I've learned the ins and outs over the past year and a half to make the user experience as smooth and simple as possible.  Thanks for being here!

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