Our Renovation Part 1 - before!

I had plans to do one huge blog post with EVERYTHING (before, during, and after images) of our house renovation project but I decided to go ahead with a three part series!  Today I'm kicking it off with all the before pictures of the house we purchased just before Thanksgiving.  I cannot wait to reveal everything in the upcoming days/weeks as we are wrapping things up!  It has beyond exceeded my expectations.

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We have been living here in South Bend for a few months, but haven't truly been "home" yet.  Living with my Husband's family has had its challenges as well as advantages, as any new living situation does.  We are so grateful to have had a landing pad during this transition but it's definitely time to move on and start this adventure together as a family of three in our own space once again!  

When we first walked through this house I had to look past all the things I hated like the kitchen, floors, paint, fixtures, and musty smell.  We were able to see past the flaws to see the potential of this home and I cannot wait for you to see what we have done!  Let's start the tour.



LIVING ROOM - yummy brown carpets and gorgeous window treatments... ;)

LIVING ROOM - this is looking to the other side that will be the dining room that flows off the kitchen.  You can see the kitchen off to the left enclosed with a funky little opening with shutters.

OFFICE - this room...green carpet and paint that matches the exterior yellow and blue trim.  This was a challenge to paint over but it turned out beautifully and I cannot wait to reveal it soon!

DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM - we decided this would be the perfect room for Riley.  It's small, but super cute, bright and cheerful.  I just had to look past the paint and blue carpet.  Yikes!

KITCHEN - not too terrible when you first look, but it lacked function.  The cabinets were very old, the countertops were very low and all the appliances needed to be upgraded.  We liked the little storage spot to the left of the door because it felt so old with the house and had some character.  You can kind of see to the right a big wall that sticks out.  This wall separated the kitchen and eat in area you will see next.

KITCHEN - here is the eat in kitchen area that is basically a second room off of the kitchen.  See those shutters?  So weird.  It has an opening off to the right to the hallway and living room area.

EAT IN KITCHEN NOOK - the view looking into the eat in kitchen space from the hallway.  This is a very small nook that really made the kitchen feel so small.

DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM - Mmmm burgundy and floral bathroom downstairs.  I'll let you know right now, we did not gut the bathrooms for this project.  Our main focus was the kitchen and updating all the floors.  Bathrooms will be up later this year after we are moved in!

STAIRS - Don't you just love the brown carpet?

LOFT UPSTAIRS - We loved right away that this house had a loft space at the top of the stairs.  The master bedroom is off to the left.

LOFT UPSTAIRS - Looking out the master to the loft space.

MASTER BEDROOM - This picture doesn't do the master bedroom justice because it's HUGE.  And I do not have a picture of the left of this room.  There is a little nook that we ended up turning into a second large closet.

MASTER BATHROOM - upstairs bathroom!  I was so happy there was a bathroom connected to the master and that it has a skylight!  Days can get very grey and wet around here, it's great to have as much natural light as possible and this house delivers that!


Check out these posts to see the updates and progress we have made!  As we continue to work our way through each room I will be posting those separately!



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