Our Renovation Part 2 - during!

This is so exciting to share with you all!  As this renovation wraps up I walk through this house and honestly cannot believe the transformations.  If you missed all the before pictures be sure to check out Part 1 of this series right HERE

Right now we are living here (insert high five)!  There is still a lot to do but we are well enough through the biggest to do's that we could start living in our new space.  I'm still working through boxes and haven't hung much on the walls yet because I'm trying to plan out exactly where I want everything to go.  

I'm bummed that you all won't get to see the new dining room with the table my Husband will be building but you can get an idea from Ana White's design HERE!  For now I will be working on giving my old table from college a little TLC to make do until he can finish the table.  It's going to be a decent amount of work and he's been working 7 days a week so I'm not holding my breath for it to be done right away.  

Emma Rose Company Home Renovation Part Two During | DIY Home Improvement

Okay, are you ready to see some pictures?  Let's get to it!

We started in the kitchen.  So many layers of different flooring, it was strange!  Click floor, laminate, felt stuff, the list goes on....the kitchen demo was a lot of work.

Here is midway through demo where we opened up the space by removing part of the wall that popped out that made this kitchen into two different spaces and made it feel so small.  Once the wall came out and we opened it up we could really see it start to take form!  Bye bye bar and funny shutters.

At first we envisioned the fridge going in that hole but after working out all the plans with the cabinet company it made more sense for it to be a pantry.

Meanwhile, you could have found me painting.  Every square inch of this place has fresh paint.  What a job this was with the baby by my side most of the time but I got it done!  I still see a few spots that need to be touched up now that we are living here, but I'm taking a little break.

Another big change we made was here in the hallway/kitchen...if you remember from part 1, this used to be a doorway leading into the kitchen.  This house essentially had four openings to the kitchen so we decided to make this space more functional, on both sides.

My Brother in Law and Husband here...terrible picture but we appreciated any extra hands that were available!  Thanks, Brett for helping with the demo!

While the guys worked away on tearing down walls, pulling up old floors and fixing all the electrical, my Mother in Law and I took over on the kitchen design with the cabinet company out of Astoria we used.  In the beginning everyone thought I was crazy for wanting so much white but I'm SO glad I pushed for it and that it happened because the white is perfect in this house.  We were going to do stainless steel appliances but you guessed it, I wanted white!  I wanted white for many reasons, the biggest one being grimy little fingerprints that I didn't want to deal with.  I feel like even with the smudge proof options, they are still hard to keep clean.  Seeing these 3D pictures really started to make this space feel real!  It was hard to look past all the crap for so many weeks.

It was finally time for some sheetrock!  What a transformation it made to the yucky stuff underneath!  My Father in Law did all the electrical, which I was so impressed with.  As well as all the other crazy things along the way he did...seriously, we would have had to hire out for majority of this project without his skill and knowledge.  We are so grateful and my Husband has learned a ton of new skills since this all started which I love.  Meanwhile, I was still painting...

Sorry for all the terribly lit pictures, as you can tell we were here working late into the night, usually.  With the guys working all day evenings were the only time to get things moving along.  So many late nights...

The taping of the sheetrock was the only thing we hired out for!  He did such an amazing job when it was all complete.  We were all very impressed.

You couldn't see it in the before pictures and I didn't take one myself, but this was previously a little nook in the master bedroom that we decided to turn into a second big closet.  It already had a decent sized one on the other side of the room so now we both get our own space!  I'm in the process of designing this right now and how I want it all laid out.

Alright, time to rip out some carpet!  This was a chore, but fun to see it all go.  The pulling of the carpet wasn't too bad, it was pulling out every single staple and tack strips throughout the home that was a ton of work.

Hallway was starting to look really nice with the new paint and old carpet gone.

The dreaded kitchen floor...so many crazy materials on here that had to come off and SO much work.

The guys got straight to work on the vinyl plank flooring!  Honestly, when we put down 5-6 rows that first night we all kind of went "hmmm..." but as they continued on and got more put in we finally saw what it was going to look like and we LOVED it.

CARPET time, yay!  Oh man, the carpet that was in before was just terrible.  It smelled musty and it was poop brown colored, that was just not going to work for us.  We went with a grey carpet that wasn't too light, but not too dark either.  It was important for us to find one that is stain resistant and comfortable.  We absolutely love how it turned out!  We carpeted the two bedrooms downstairs (well, Riley's room and my office) and then the stairs and entire upstairs.  The rest of the home has the vinyl plank flooring.  Bathrooms were not done in this project as the focus was the rest of the house.  We will be tackling those in the upcoming months one at a time.  For now we painted and will lay the extra plank flooring in them to get us by until then.

It was a very exciting day when the cabinets arrived!

Floors got done and we started the cabinet process!  That was a lot of work because the kitchen was at a slight slant so getting the first cabinet on took an entire night of work.

You can't tell by this picture but that's our huge pantry Riley is holding onto.  I'm blown away by the natural light in this home.  It is a photographer's dream!  Oh yeah, if you don't know already I run another business called Emma Rose Photographer.   Feel free to check out my work here!  Since I had our daughter I have fallen in love with taking pictures and beyond excited to see my photography journey take off.  I'm anxious to bring clients into our new space for some fun and beautiful photo session.

And finally to finish it off here is a little sneak peek of my office space.  Since I started this journey with Emma Rose Designs and photography, I've dreamt of a space that will inspire me and bring out all the creative juices that I have.  I have already been writing so much more planning out new blog posts for all of you, my incredible followers.  I've said it before that the fun has just begun...but that hasn't felt true until now.

We have a lot left to do and I look forward to sharing the "after" post in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

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