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Rosie called me when I first ventured into the world of wedding photography and I had an instant connection with her over the phone.  My instincts were right about these two because their love for one another, and their daughter could not be any more evident in all that they do.  They even ventured all the way down to South Bend for their engagement session last fall!  It was so special to have them in my neck of the woods as we got to know each other better leading up to the big day!

I had never heard of Hidden Meadow in Moses Lake, Washington and it was incredible.

Their venue was stunning!  I absolutely loved everything about it and you definitely did not feel like you were in Moses Lake.  The luscious green meadow and large trees made me feel like I was back in Southwest Washington and not in the desert of Eastern Washington.  While I am based out of South Bend, I travel all over the state with dreams of traveling the world to document loves stories.

She took his breath away the moment he saw her.

I can't quite put into words what it was like watching the interaction and love between Rosie and Vince on their wedding day.  It was truly magical, like watching a story unfold in front of my eyes behind my camera.  Based off their wedding party, family and friends it became very clear to me that these two have an incredible team of support and love behind them, cheering them on.  My job goes so much deeper than showing up to take some pictures.  I value my clients and their investment with me to make it much more than that, it's my goal to create an experience they will never forget.  I had the amazingly talented Nicole Conner with me for this wedding shooting as my second and couldn't have asked for a better experience there, either.  Nicole and I like to call ourselves the Dream Team haha!  We worked together a lot this past summer and she has been instrumental in my growth and development as a photographer.  

Rosie and Vince pulled out all the stops for their wedding and decor!  I loved everything about this wedding.  The color palette, the attention to detail and all the other little details that made this wedding so unique and special.  I still can't believe this is what I do for a living because it never feels like work.  Telling love stories through my lens is something I will never take for granted, ever.  Thank you Rosie and Vince for including me in your very special day and I look forward to seeing where this life takes you!  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lopez!



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