An e-book for the modern day mama ready to take better pictures of every day life.

Ready to take photos that are more than just technically competent?
Do you want a style that’s more than just a copy of someone else's work?

Develop an authentic photography style that inspires and excites you!

Find your own perspective from the world around you.

Give yourself the freedom to explore and test yourself creatively.

And tell more powerful, more moving stories with your photographs.

I believe that photography goes much deeper than simply taking a pretty picture.  It goes beyond all the technical stuff (which is important to know and understand, but it isn't everything).

I believe that children grow up way too fast and it is important to document all the sweet moments along the way.

If you are tired of snapping a million decent photos on your cell phone and ready to take it a step further, this MAMATOG e-book is designed for you.

Perhaps you just don't know where to start. Maybe you don't know where you fit in or if you even have what it takes to achieve great imagery. Here's what I believe... you do.

In this e-book packed with insight, tips, and tricks. you will:

Find it in you to dig deep and figure out who you are and what you hope to accomplish.

Recognize inspiration all around you to help you develop your own unique style.

Find authentic inspiration.

Define your own style.

Push yourself outside of your own comfort zone.

Use social media in a healthy manner but also recognize that it doesn't own you or define you.

Get my personal insight on taking it professional and how you know you're ready.

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I want to walk you through my own journey as a self taught photographer and equip you with the tools and resources I wish I'd had when I first picked up a camera.  My journey with photography did not happen overnight.  I can tell you there was a lot of trial and error involved as I pushed myself to discover my own strengths and style as an artist.

I'm introducing the short cut I wish I'd had when I first got started WITH this E-BOOK.


This guide is for anyone with a DSLR who is ready to switch that dial from the green AUTO mode to manual mode.  It can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it and push yourself to keep practicing, you will wonder what took you so long to get started in the first place.

This is for the mama who wants to document the not-so-perfect yet beautiful moments of this life because she knows deep down that they don't stick around for long.

This is for the mama who dreams big and hopes to one day run her own photography business.

Walk away with a new confidence to get out there and find your artistic style through shooting manually.  Every photograph tells a story and I have a feeling this is the beginning of something truly special for you.

Once you purchase the e-book, you also gain access to the private Facebook community for fellow MAMATOGS to learn and grow together!  Learning photography is challenging at times but also so much fun, especially when you have a community there to cheer you on!


Not only is the actual information side of the e-book very well written and knowledgeable it gives insight into who you are and really brings forth your WHY for the whole process. This allows more people to relate to you on a personal level which makes them feel more connected. I know when I read, I like to feel connected to the author on some level and since you share tidbits about your person life, it helps to open up and fully trust the information you are providing. The guide was extremely informative and helpful. I would recommend this to anyone starting their photography journey!
— Alisha
This book was full of easy to understand information. Not only about shooting in manual and improving my basic camera skills, but you also made me think about finding my own photography style. And all the information about being a beginner and not comparing yourself to others you see on social media was super inspiring. You write so well and connect to your readers so personally, I love it! This is the perfect read for someone just starting out. Great information on all basics and not overwhelming.
— Shannon
Photo by Joe & Patience

Photo by Joe & Patience


I am a fine art wedding photographer and designer based out of Southwest Washington State.  My journey with photography began when my little infant daughter Riley was placed on my chest for the first time.  It was in that moment I knew that I was about to venture down a new path.  I didn't know at the time what that looked like for me, but I knew something special was brewing.

I picked up a camera, took a hundred pictures and hundreds more.  I became inseparable from that camera and quickly realized that I wanted to be taken seriously and turn this passion into a professional reality.  I started booking portrait sessions and after awhile I even booked my first wedding.  My story unfolded pretty quickly and I'm proud to tell you that I did not go to school for this and that I've been completely self taught.  I can't count all the hours spent on YouTube or browsing the Internet trying to find answers.  Before I knew it I was mentoring other photographers and jumping into an educator role in the industry.

I've helped inspired photographers across the world to pick up their cameras on a daily basis to capture their lives and improve their skill with every click of the shutter.  Learning and teaching photography has taught me to see the beauty in the little and ordinary moments that make up our day. 

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