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After college Nancy moved back to her hometown with a dream of working in the floral industry.  She formerly worked at what was then called "Elixir Tea & Herbs" when she was approached about buying the business.  Nancy decided that there wasn't a better time or opportunity to take a leap of faith and chase her dream of owning her own business.  Elixir became her passion.  She puts countless hours into her growing business with a goal to see her dream of becoming a florist a reality.  Nancy wanted to give the former Elixir a personal touch to her taste and vision with keeping the name "Elixir" but giving it her own style as she finds her passion and groove with running her own business.  She pushes to create an atmosphere that is friendly and keeps people coming back for not only great food, coffee, and flowers, but an overall amazing customer service experience.  


"Being a busy mom and business owner I'm constantly needing help.  I attempted to create a design logo for my business and the project got left in the dust as I got caught up running day to day duties to keep the business going.  After a photo session with Emma I could tell she had passion and a drive for her business.  It wasn't long after the photoshoot had I approached Emma about helping me with logo design.  Emma was enthused about the idea, ready to start and I was finally feeling a little relief that I might just be able to check this off the list.  As we proceeded to work on the design, Emma was extremely quick to respond, answered all my questions and allowed for my input to be heard. As we got closer to the end we met at her adorable and inspiring office where we were able to complete the job.  The whole process went smoothly and was very exciting from beginning to end.  She was able to give me 3 beautiful logos that I truly feel represent my business and I will be able to grow with.  I would highly recommend Emma to anyone for her branding services. Thank you, Emma.  You were just the help I needed.  I look forward to working with you in the future."