Working on my very own brand project when I made the move to merge my photography and graphic design business was so much fun for me as a graphic designer.  I had established my brand which was formerly, Emma Rose Designs and opted to keep everything very closely similar in terms of color, texture and overall aesthetic.  I tried to work with the logo in place but something was not clicking so I decided to start from scratch and build from there with what is now the new face of Emma Rose Company.  A logo and brand I hope to never have to change or fix ever again.  For so long I spun my wheels trying to do the juggling act between both my passions as two separate business structures but realized that in order to give my whole heart to both areas I needed to combine and turn this into one umbrella company that houses my photography and graphic design talents together in one cohesive brand.  I am beyond proud of this project.  It was so fun to treat myself like my own client.

Emma Rose Company Mood Board.jpg