ABOUT leilani

Leilani believes story telling is an important part of life.  She majored in Hawaiian Studies at Brigham Young University- Hawaii where she remembers listening to the stories her professors would share.  Sitting in the backseat of the car driving between the beach and the Hawaiian cultural garden on campus, one of her professors had just finished telling us about a life lesson he learned when a distinct thought crossed her mind, “Stories make for moments that are never wasted.”  Photography is the art of telling a story through the camera's lens. It's important for Leilani to try and capture the stories of the people she photographs. These are moments that her clients will save for the rest of their life and hopefully pass on for generations to come. She is a deliberate photographer, meaning that she aims to make each shot count, be meaningful, and fulfill a purpose.  I can't properly put into words what working with Leilani was like for me but I can tell you that I not only have a new client, but I have a new friend!  I'm grateful to Leilani for finding me and allowing me to help her get her business where she always envisioned it to be.

Working with Emma is a dream! In one email, I had to start being creative for my use of the word “love”, because I found I was using it too often. The truth is, though, that I loved the design she had put together for me. As a photographer herself, Emma knew exactly what I was looking to include to help me set my website up for success. I couldn’t have been happier with her work!
— Leilani