A garden wedding is a dreamy and romantic setting for tying the knot. Surrounded by blooming flowers, lush greenery, and the gentle breeze, it’s the perfect backdrop for a beautiful celebration of love. Choosing the right hairstyle for a garden wedding is crucial to complete your bridal look and complement the natural setting. Whether you prefer a chic updo or bohemian braids, there are plenty of gorgeous wedding hairstyles to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top wedding hairstyles for a garden wedding that will make you feel like a fairy tale princess on your special day.

Considerations for Choosing a Garden Wedding Hairstyle

When it comes to selecting a hairstyle for a garden wedding, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. The outdoor setting and temperature can significantly impact the choice of hairstyle, as well as the wedding theme and the bride’s dress. Additionally, it’s important to select a style that is comfortable and easy to maintain throughout the day.

Firstly, the outdoor setting and temperature should be considered when selecting a hairstyle. For example, if the wedding is taking place in the heat of summer, an updo or braided style may be preferable to keep the bride cool and comfortable. On the other hand, if the wedding is in cooler weather, loose curls or waves may be a better choice. Additionally, it’s important to consider the wind factor – an outdoor wedding can often mean a breeze, so selecting a hairstyle that will stay in place is key.

Another important consideration is selecting a style that complements the bride’s dress and overall wedding theme. For example, a loose, messy updo or beachy waves would be a great choice if the bride is wearing a bohemian-style dress. On the other hand, an elegant updo or sleek straight style may be more appropriate for a more formal wedding. Finally, choosing a hairstyle that will enhance the bride’s natural beauty and complement the wedding’s overall aesthetic is important.

Finally, it’s essential to select a comfortable and easy-to-maintain hairstyle throughout the day. A wedding day can be long and tiring, so choosing a style that the bride can wear comfortably for hours is crucial. Additionally, selecting a hairstyle that won’t require constant touch-ups or maintenance can help the bride relax and enjoy her special day without worrying about her hair.

In summary, when selecting a hairstyle for a garden wedding, it’s important to consider the outdoor setting and temperature, select a style that complements the bride’s dress and overall wedding theme, and choose a comfortable hairstyle and easy to maintain throughout the day. By considering these considerations, the bride can find the perfect hairstyle to enhance her natural beauty and ensure that she feels confident and comfortable on her special day.

Top Garden Wedding Hairstyles

When it comes to selecting a hairstyle for a garden wedding, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the top garden wedding hairstyles to consider:

  1. Loose Waves – Loose waves are a timeless and romantic hairstyle that is perfect for a garden wedding. This style complements the outdoor setting by enhancing the bride’s natural beauty without looking too formal or structured. Additionally, loose waves are easy to maintain and can withstand any breeze or wind that may be present on the big day.
  2. Boho Braids – Boho braids are popular for garden weddings, especially if the bride wears a bohemian-style dress. These braids can be worn in various ways, such as a crown braid, side braid, or fishtail braid, and can be adorned with flowers or other natural elements to enhance the overall wedding theme.
  3. Half Up, Half Down – A half-up, half-down hairstyle is a versatile option for formal and informal garden weddings. This style allows the bride to showcase her length and texture while still keeping her hair out of her face. Adding braids, twists, or flowers can also elevate the look and make it more appropriate for a garden setting.
  4. Messy Updo – A messy updo is a great choice for a garden wedding, as it gives a relaxed and effortless vibe while still looking elegant and put-together. This style is perfect for brides who want to keep their hair off their neck and shoulders while still maintaining a romantic and soft look.
  5. Floral Hair Accessories – Adding floral hair accessories is a simple yet effective way to enhance any garden wedding hairstyle. Whether it’s a flower crown, a single bloom, or a delicate hairpin, adding a touch of nature to the hair is a beautiful way to tie in the wedding’s overall theme and create a cohesive look.

In conclusion, there are plenty of stunning garden wedding hairstyles to choose from, each with their own unique advantages and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s loose waves, boho braids, a half-up, half-down style, a messy updo, or floral hair accessories, selecting a hairstyle that complements the outdoor setting and overall wedding theme is key. With a little inspiration and creativity, the bride can find the perfect hairstyle to make her feel confident and beautiful on her special day.

hairstyling tips for a garden wedding

Hairstyling Tips for a Garden Wedding

Achieving the perfect garden wedding hairstyle requires a bit of planning and preparation. Here are some practical hairstyling tips to help the bride achieve her dream look on her big day:

  • Consider Hair Length and Texture – When selecting a garden wedding hairstyle, it’s important to consider the bride’s hair length and texture. For example, if the bride has long, thick hair, a braided or updo style may be more appropriate, while shorter hair may look best in loose waves or a half-up, half-down style. Additionally, the texture of the hair can impact how well the hairstyle holds up throughout the day, so it’s important to choose a style that works well with the bride’s natural hair type.
  • Opt for a Hairstyle that Can Withstand the Elements – Garden weddings often take place outdoors, which means that the hairstyle will need to withstand wind, humidity, and other environmental factors. For this reason, it’s important to choose a secure hairstyle that can hold up well throughout the day. Again, a professional hairstylist can advise which styles are best suited for outdoor weddings.
  • Accessorize with Flowers or Other Natural Elements – Adding floral hair accessories, such as a flower crown or a few delicate blooms, is a beautiful way to tie in the wedding’s natural theme and add a touch of elegance to the hairstyle. Other natural elements, such as leaves or vines, can also be incorporated into the hairstyle to enhance the overall aesthetic.
  • Schedule a Hair Trial – A hair trial is a great way to ensure that the chosen hairstyle looks and feels exactly as the bride envisions it. This trial can be scheduled a few weeks before the wedding day, allowing the bride to work with her hairstylist to perfect the look and make any necessary adjustments.

In summary, achieving the perfect garden wedding hairstyle requires careful consideration of the bride’s hair length and texture and the environmental factors that may impact the hairstyle’s durability. Accessorizing with flowers or other natural elements can also enhance the overall aesthetic and tie in the wedding’s theme. By following these practical hairstyling tips and scheduling a hair trial, the bride can achieve the perfect hairstyle and feel confident and beautiful on her special day.